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  • Contested & Uncontested divorce
  • Family plans
  • Rule 43 maintenance applications
  • Mediation

Conveyancing & Correspondent Property Work

We offer full services in both commercial and residential conveyancing.

Whether you are buying or selling your property, we can assist you with the Process.

We act as three different attorneys:

1) Transfer Attorney
2) FNB Bond Attorney
3) FNB Bond Cancellation Attorney


  • Sale Agreement & Bond Approval

    Sign offer to purchase and apply for a bond.

  • Transfer, Bond Registration & Clearance Figures

    Instruction is received and the following clearance figures:

    1. Cancellation Figures
    2. Rates Clearance Figures
    3. Guarantee Figures
  • Conditions

    Once all suspensive conditions are met, the transaction continues.

  • Sign-Off & Payment

    Documents are completed and signed by all parties.

    Conveyancer collects the following:

    • Transfer paid by the Buyer.
    • The Seller pays their respective rates.
  • Compliance - COC

    Seller provide all necessary Certificates of Compliance. These include Electric, Plumbing etc. 

  • Guarantees

    Guarantee from buyers bank and cancellation of sellers bond.

  • Lodgement

    Documents are sent to Deeds Office for examination.

  • Registration

    Ownership transferred from Seller to Buyer.

Deceased Estates

Our firm offers a free initial consultation to discuss the best way forward in finalising your loved one’s deceased estate.

We assist in the reporting of the estate to the Master of the High Court’s office and attending to the required processes with the goal to transfer ownership of assets from the name of the deceased person to the names of the beneficiaries mentioned in the will or in terms of the Intestate Succession Act, 81 of 1987 if the deceased did not leave a will.

Family Law

  • Child custody, care, contact, maintenance and parenting agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Domestic violence and protection orders
  • Child and spousal maintenance law
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Antenuptial contracts

Commercial Law

For commercial entities we offer the following services:

  1. Help in the registration of a company, closed corporation or any other legal commercial entity
  2. Advice on the structure of the commercial entity
  3. Commercial contracts, agreements, negotiations and advice in respect of the following but not limited to:
    •  Shareholders Agreements
    • Director Agreements
    • Partnership Contracts
    • Joint venture contracts

Medical Negligence

If you believe that you have been a victim of medical negligence, we can help to establish your claim and assist you in taking legal action.

The following are common examples giving rise to claims:

  1. Removal of incorrect organ/ limb
  2. Treatment delays
  3. Negligence in emergency rooms
  4. Negligence in diagnosing illnesses
  5. Misreading test results or x-rays
  6. Plastic surgery malpractice
  7. Anesthesia malpractice
  8. Dental malpractice
  9. Faulty blood transfusions
  10. Incorrect medication prescriptions issued

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process in which civil matters are resolved in a court of law. 

If you are part of a legal dispute, we can assist you in instituting proceedings against the person that wronged you or tailor a defence if you are the one being sued. We pride ourselves in working fast, efficient and cost effectively to make sure your matter is being expedited.

Criminal Law

  • Bail Applications
  • Parole Applications
  • Representation at trials

Debt Collection

We can help to take the strain of dealing with outstanding debt off your shoulders. We can assist you to pursue payment of debts owing to you or your business.

Leaving things too late, means any of the following can happen:

  • the debt can prescribe
  • the debtor can be liquidated or sequestrated
  • the debtor can get into deeper financial trouble, making it more difficult for him to repay his debts
  • the debtor can disappear